The CDC estimates that each year roughly 48 million Americans are sickened, 128,000 are hospitalized and more than 3,000 die due to food borne diseases.  Recent estimates show that roughly half of these illness were caused by food consumed in a restaurant or deli. Reputational damage caused by such outbreaks can quickly damage a restaurant’s bottom line. Most restaurants carry Business Owner policies, which include General Liability. But this is not enough to protect the insured's from an economic loss of revenues and the extra expenses incurred due to food borne illness outbreak or workplace violence. Foodborne Illness Insurance is a specialized coverage designed to protect an insured’s balance sheet in the event of an outbreak.

Who’s purchasing:

  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Quick Service
  • Casual Dinning
  • Fine Dinning
  • Grocerants (Grocery store that offers sit down dining experience)


Covered Incidents

  • Accidental Product Contamination
  • Malicious Contamination
  • Adverse Publicity
  • Supplier Event
  • Extortion Threats
  • Workplace Violence


Covered Losses

  • Loss of Revenue
  • Incident Response Expenses
  • Loss of Royalties for Franchisors
  • Crisis Management