About RecallReady

AmWINS works exclusively with retail insurance brokers and agents on unusual or difficult to place risks.  AmWINS' RecallReady team is the leading wholesale brokerage practice group for this class of business. Our team has worked with thousands of insureds, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, to address product recall and product contamination risks. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Processing and Distribution
  • Non-Food Consumer Finished Goods
  • Component Parts
  • Consumer Goods (Food and Non-Food)
  • Auto Parts
  • Restaurants

There are numerous product recall and product contamination insurance programs available in the marketplace.  No one program provides the proper protection for all products and industries. To ensure that exposures are properly addressed, our team will help you identify and evaluate those solutions. Along with the proper pre-incident and crisis response preparation, those solutions will ensure that you are RecallReady!


AmWINS' RecallReady team is your trusted resource for industry knowledge on product recalls. Below are a few articles authored by our team as well as the link to our blog, Product Recall Insurance Guide, which serves as a source of information about product recalls, food safety, consumer product safety, product recall insurance and a variety of related topics.

Case Study: Ingredient Manufacturers and Their Product Recall Risk

Product Recall in the Modern World


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Senior Vice President

Matt Carpenter
Senior Vice President

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Assistant Vice President